House Hunting Tips

From Cost to Convenience, these are 5 things you should consider when renting your new home.

1- Location. Location. Location.

The best thing for a prospective renter to consider is your routine. Where you want to shop? Where do you want your kids to go to school? What do you like to do on the weekends? How close, or far, do you want your family? All these questions will help you choose the right area of town and you want your next home to be convenient for your lifestyle.

If you are new to the area, we always recommend you physically visit many neighborhoods before actually taking the time to visit actual properties available. This helps you get a good sense of the overall character and overall feel of the neighborhood.

2- Rent

Clearly, this the very important. Be realistic about the amount of rent you can afford, and what you are willing to actually pay. It is best if you start with a range because that will you more options.

3- Apartment and Building Size

First, we start with how many bedrooms you want or need and the amount of living space. Next, we recommend you decide the property size. From homes and duplexes to large apartment complexes, each has advantages and disadvantages depending on what you like and perceive your next living space.

4- Amenities

Finally, the amenities usually ‘makes or breaks’ your experience. It is necessary to specify the amenities important to you and distinguish your wants from your needs. This includes washer/dryers, pools, cable companies or satellite access, covered parking, pets and much more. Giving us a list of deal breakers up front will help us find you a home quicker.

5-The Management Company

From new to old, it is common to have something happen that needs attention. Water leaks, toilets not working, noisy neighbors. Like Farmers Insurance, you name it, we probably have a story about it and fixed it. We are committed to both our tenants and owners. First we inspect the property and make sure all appliances are working properly, the apartment is clean and general maintenance, such as painting, new flooring and new fixtures are put in place before you rent. If there is an emergency, our 24 hour maintenance line ensures you are taken care of as soon possible. For less urgent matters, you can submit a maintenance ticket through the site and it will get reviewed and scheduled the next business day.

You want to choose a company dedicated to ensuring your safety, happiness, and comfort is a priority. Exceed Realty is that company.